We Feed is a marketplace for hospitality, dedicated to offering high-quality catering, event planning, snack, grocery and alcohol delivery services at reasonable prices.

You no longer need to second-guess yourself while planning a party since We Feed will take care of everything. We Feed will stay on top of everything for you, whether it is catering, home delivery, event planning or alcohol delivery.

All you have to do is be specific about your goals and needs, and we will take care of the rest. If you are unsure about what to do, we will make the finest recommendations based on your requirements.

We will create a unique menu for you, whether it is an official menu or something out of the ordinary. All you have to do is provide us with your criteria, and we will offer a solution that meets them. there is nothing wrong if we say that we are the best source to let you meet with the best craters in town.
Within the catering suppliers list, we cover the finest names Hudsons Catering, Edge Catering and many more.

Home delivery
We Feed makes it feasible for you to receive the highest quality goods without ever leaving your house. In such hectic schedules, home delivery of snacks, groceries, booze, care gifts, and other items is extremely convenient.

It only takes one click to obtain the greatest products from the top retailers. Suppliers are the ones that enable us to provide you with whatever you want.

Event management
We do not stop there, either. Our event management solution is now available. Simply choose a theme and we will put it into action. To be more specific, we can provide you with equipment, crockery, tables, glasses, seats, and whatever else you require. All of these services will be colour-coordinated to fit in with the overall design. Also included in the list of services are wedding arrangements. It is a service for both corporate and private occasions.

We prefer working with Danielle Cleary Events, Visabel Festivals and Events when it is about meeting your requirements.

Alcohol delivery
What more can you expect in catering than We Feed delivering your favourite liquor to your door?
You want to enjoy a glass of wine but do not want to leave your comfort zone, which is understandable. You will not have to leave your sofa thanks to We Feeds booze delivery service.

We offer easy online ordering for delivering your favourite flavour straight to your home. Take use of our services without regard to time or location in Canberra.

Farrahs Liquor Collective ensures that you have a better quality of life by providing the greatest tasting alcohol.

Fruit and veggies
If you want to include organic fruits and vegetables in your diet, We Feed is a great place to start. We Feed can help you eat a nutritious diet if you are wary of carrying shopping and longing for fresh fruits and vegetables.

When it comes to delivering organic vegetables and fruits, we prefer to deal with Alpha Fresh and Ziggys Fresh.

Snacks and pantry
We Feed offers personalised, on-demand snack delivery services to your door. Customers are connected to the best providers, which improves their quality of life.

Snack Proud and Turk Snacks are included in the list of suppliers.

You can avail of our all-in-one services anywhere within Canberra. Some highlighted areas are Canberra CBD, Turner, Reid, Acton and more..

Have a question? Get in touch with us at hello@wefeed.com.au or 1300 451 499