Now you do not have to spend hours and hours in the kitchen because we are introducing an established corporate and private catering service. If you are planning a special event but could not find suitable packages. Our partners are here to serve you with the best-suited food according to the event.

We cater to all your needs
Whether it is an official menu or something out of the box, we will manage to design a special menu for you. You just have to come up with your requirements, and we will deliver a solution accordingly.

We Feed catering offers exquisite meals, premium catering & event planning services and a wide selection of beverages. We work with the best catering partners: Hudsons Famous Catering, Bowls Baby Catering, and Coles Liquor Corporate.

A creative turn of events
We are happy to announce our event management service. You just name a theme; the best event managers in town will implement that for you. To elaborate, we offer equipment, crockery, tables, glassware, chairs, and actually everything according to your demand.

All such services will be colour coordinated to mix well with the overall theme. Moreover, wedding arrangements are included within the list of services. Again, it is a corporate and private events service. Hudsons Famous Catering & Events is the one doing this outstanding job.

Alcohol Delivery
How can we talk about events and not about drinks! We manage to create custom cocktail and alcohol delivery for your function by the best supplier in town. Lets discuss your favourite spirit and get the best one at your doorstep. We do not mind arranging delivery and even serving whatever drinks you would like. Coles Liquor Corporate is the preferred supplier when it is to alcohol delivery.

Fruit and Veggie Delivery
Do you need fruit or veggies at your doorstep? Let us do this for you to deliver fresh veggies and fruits to your home and office. We prefer local suppliers when it is about serving you delicious fruits and veggies in Melbourne.

Snack delivery
An ideal gathering is when you have snacks. Connect with your loved ones and share good conversations. Snacks delivery is there as a special treat for you to enjoy with family and friends. Tukr Snacks is taking the responsibility to supply delicious snacks to you. We are not just providing the best corporate catering and snack delivery in Melbourne but make sure to be right on time.

Actually, everything you need
There is nothing wrong if we say that We Feed actually offering everything you need at your doorstep. You are just one click away from getting meals, care packages, grocery, and remote meals. The Green Chef, Youfoodz, Nourishd are the suppliers of such items.

Anywhere you need
Our services are not restricted to one location, but areas we cover are Melbourne, Richmond, Docklands, Prahran, Albert Park, South Melbourne, Toorak, Hawthorn, and North Melbourne and many more.
We offer the best suggestions depending on the style of the event. Let us take a moment to remind you that all of the mentioned services are customised for you. Approach We Feed now and get the same you imagined.

Have a question? Contact us at or 1300 451 499