Partner with us

Why partner with We Feed?
We are here to give you all the support you need, and we have the appropriate response to your requirements. And it is that we grow with you.

How to become a supplier and be recognised?
If you are looking for a partner for your business who shares your values and interests, we are your best option. We provide excellent conditions to become a supplier. We believe in mutual trust; that is why you will trust in us just as we trust in you.

We want to guarantee the quality of your products, to be able to offer them, and become the ideal link between you and your customers. Thus, we all win. Your customers are satisfied beyond their expectations. Besides, you grow and develop your business, and we meet our goals, consolidating our values.

You will only invest 7% (including transaction cost) after this, and there will be no additional charge for the activation fee or lockout contract. We will establish a simple agreement to indicate the details of the operation.

You can always count on our receptivity and attention since we can provide you with the support you require. Do not hesitate to come to us and make us your preferred business partner. By creating a solid bond, rather than developing a customer-supplier relationship, as a team, we will develop a comprehensive growth strategy.

What do we offer you?
We offer you our services and support to become a supplier recognised in the food and beverage business. With our friendly online control and ordering system, you can easily:

- You control, track and optimise your orders, all in real-time.
- Tracking, on the go, the sales and trends.
- Updating menu items: availability, prices and images, and snapshots.
- Consult and export customer data and study their purchasing behaviour.
- Manage new marketing strategies. Such as promoting products, publishing attractive offers, and discount coupons, among others. All this is in real-time.

In this way, it will be straightforward to optimise your operation.

Additionally, you will have:
The availability of an attractive Visual Menu is free without requiring the payment of fees in advance and without a lock-in contract. Of course, with our continuous support and advice.

Delivery / Collection
- 7% (including transaction cost)
- No upfront fees
- No lock-in contracts
- Inc. taxes and SMS costs
- Ongoing support and advice

Integrated marketing
We advertise your products on our channels, through which you can develop new and attractive marketing strategies. This way, you will extend your list of clients, strengthen your connections, and offer them the service they deserve.